Twisting Bitsy into a user-interface-based narrative thingy.

Not much to see here, but it works (🎉!)

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That colour scheme is love ) Looking forward to see where this is going )

Thanks :) It's going nowhere for now, but I'll probably pick it up again someday haha

This is amazing! So many possibilities for this format.

I tried doing a similar nested/threaded folder interface for the computer in Where Is Anon? but I eventually gave up.

May I incorporate the UI into a future game -- with full credit to you, of course?

Hey! Thanks for the kind words :)
Where is Anon? looks super interesting, great job :O

Feel free to "incorporate" whatever part of this into anything you want, credit or not, this was just a quick test thing. Show me what you make out of it though, I'd love to see how far this could go :D