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This was to cute also I played again just so i can get all the endings good job

I played the French ver and it was so funny haha It's great that whatever the language, the game keeps its good quality! The reactions to the player faving the tweets are spot-on. Good job!


Awesome unique game. It ended with I love you @player.  Amazing. Do u aloow embedding? Would love to embed it on my site ozogames

I gave this a play the other day. Really had fun with it.

Awwww thank you!
Great vid :3! It's very nice to see you getting the references and silly jokes I put in there :D


1. the personalities are so spot on and great!!

2. I'm impressed with how they react to each other once a love interest has emerged.

3. how did you put my partner's twitter into this game?! too real.

Haha, thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words <3