The Subtweet Game is a dating-sim taking place in a Twitter-like timeline, where nobody is tweeting at you. Or are they?

Progress through the game by "faving" (clicking on the heart) on one of the presented tweets. 5 different characters are tweeting with and at each other, but you can only fav them. How they react to that, however, depends entirely on their personality... Will you find your significant other?


  • Subtweet-based romance that is totally definitely subtle and true-to-life
  • Five characters with different personalities that are very original and not tropey at all
  • Five different routes, with two routes per playthrough, and five different endings
  • Two languages: French and English
  • The old-school "egg" avatars that weren't old-school a week ago, but now they definitely are
  • Bugs and a bad sense of user experience

Done in 20ish hours for #NaNoRenO2017, using this (heavily edited) Visual Novel Template.

Disclaimer: These are fictional characters; any real Twitter account with the same handle is NOT related to the game. Act responsibly. Don't @ them.

The Subtweet Game est un dating-sim qui prend la forme d'une timeline Twitter, dans laquelle personne ne s'adresse à vous. Enfin, normalement?

Progressez dans le jeu en "favant" (cliquer sur le coeur de) l'un des tweet présenté. 5 personnages différents tweetent, parfois entre eux, mais vous ne pouvez que les faver. La manière dont ils réagissent à cette action, en revanche, dépend entièrement de leur personnalité... Trouverez-vous votre âme soeur?


  • Une romance basée sur des subtweets qui est totalement complètement subtile et réaliste
  • Cinq personnages avec des personnalités différentes qui sont très originales et pas du tout clichées
  • Cinq routes différentes, avec deux routes par partie, et cinq fins différentes
  • Deux langues: français et anglais
  • L'avatar "oeuf" old-school de Twitter, qui n'était pas old-school la semaine dernière, mais maintenant oui
  • Des bugs et un mauvais sens de l'ergonomie

Réalisé en une 20aine d'heures pour #NaNoRenO2017, à l'aide de ce Visual Novel Template (avec beaucoup de modifications).

Avertissement: Ces personnages sont fictifs; tout compte Twitter portant un de ces noms n'est PAS lié au jeu. Agissez de manière responsable. Ne les @ pas.

Release date Mar 31, 2017
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(64 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsComedy, Dating Sim, Multiple Endings, nanoreno, Parody, Romance, Short, twitter
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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idk about anyone else, but the game does not get past the first screen for me, making it unplayable

This was to cute also I played again just so i can get all the endings good job

I played the French ver and it was so funny haha It's great that whatever the language, the game keeps its good quality! The reactions to the player faving the tweets are spot-on. Good job!


Awesome unique game. It ended with I love you @player.  Amazing. Do u aloow embedding? Would love to embed it on my site ozogames

I gave this a play the other day. Really had fun with it.

Awwww thank you!
Great vid :3! It's very nice to see you getting the references and silly jokes I put in there :D


1. the personalities are so spot on and great!!

2. I'm impressed with how they react to each other once a love interest has emerged.

3. how did you put my partner's twitter into this game?! too real.

Haha, thanks for playing, and thanks for the kind words <3