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That was a fantastic entry for the GBJAM 4 and one of my absolute favorites (and that's why I think it deserved a much higher rating)! While the gameplay is easy to learn, thanks to the puzzle design it gets harder and harder to master in the later stages. The whole pixel art is simply gorgeous and yeah, I can't say anything more, but it's a stunning game. <3 Happily I wrote a short recommendation article about your game on our blog and also uploaded a quick gameplay video of it. :) I'm hoping to see more stuff of you in the future!

Best wishes,


Awww that's lovely :D Thanks a lot!

You're very welcome! <3

A really fun game, loved the game boy aesthetic. Some really interesting puzzles in order to get all the trinkets on the correct day/night. Perfect little game

Thanks :)!

I found the game really fun and challenging! The concept is really original, also! (at least, for me it is) Got 3/3 stars on all levels! Really satisfying. (gosh, those 2 last levels took their time...)

Moreover, knowing the effort put into the development to make it feel like a GB game, you deserve a round of applause for that! This game is awesome!

Haha, congrats on getting 3/3 on all levels \o/
Thanks for the kind words <3