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this is such a cute, fun game. seeing how the different colors impact the events and mood of the story is so satisfying. my favorite ending is the alien invasion lol ;)


This is game is so cool. It's such a neato idea!

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So great! I like how every color has a name, and how it can alter how the story develops!

But it seems I can access to a branch. D: After the "The sun was setting fire to the sky. fragment", no matter what I do, the right option always highlights, but the left one doesn't, and I've tried almost every colour I could. Do I need some EXACT color to make it?

EDIT: Happened the same with "The sun was setting on a warm afternoon." .-. Some kind of clue system would be nice for these.

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Hi :) ! Some parts depends on other colors in the game. For exemple, in the "The sun was setting fire to the sky" chapter, the left branch is the color of the couch you picked in the green sky chapter (when the girls pick the colors they want for their future home).
The warm afternoon depends on a color in the first sky, with the spring blue sky. I don't want to say too much, but if you need more precisions feel free to ask! :)
(and thanks for playing the game! It warms my heart to see people really dig into the story that way ;;/)


Wow, I love this game! What a great idea - it's a really fun and engaging way to play through their story. You're making choices, but you also have a sense of discovery since you don't know what effect the colors will have on the story.

I loved the story of the characters' relationship and found it really touching, and I also enjoyed the silly endings a lot! Probably my favorite was when the girlfriend was a mermaid - or maybe the magical girl one, except that ended badly. :)


Really cool concept, I liked it :)

Thanks :)!


I got like 5-6 different endings. Some cute, some weird indeed! Good job, guys :)

Awesome! Thanks for playing :)