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A Tender Life is a two pages storytelling, coin-tossing and role-playing game for 2+ players. Made for Ludum Dare 44.

Throw coins on a playing mat, creating storytelling cues for the life of a fictional character. Take turns moving coins out of your Life Expectancy and into various aspects of your character’s life, narrating the events as you go. Then, finally, die. Will your money buy happiness?

The rules and playing mat are provided as a pdf. You will need to print (or draw, reproduce, project, 3D-print, or otherwise materialize) one copy of the playing mat per player. You will also need coins.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsBoard Game, Experimental, Ludum Dare 44, Print & Play


A Tender Life - v1.0_20190429.pdf 385 kB

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